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Iwaki Magnetic Drive MD series

MD Magnetic Drive Pump SeriesThe MD series comes in a total of 38 models. A wide range of flow rates with hose or threaded connections are available as standard models. In addition, dedicated high-head,large flow-rate models are available. The most economical and suitable pump can be selected from this wide variety of models.

Iwaki Magnetic Drive MX-MXF Series

The MX Series represents the latest state of the art design in plastic magnetic drive pumps. With experience gained from the previous generation of MDH pumps the MX series has been designed to meet the most severe of operating conditions.

Iwaki Magnetic Drive MXM Series

The MXM series of pumps have been added to the line-up of Iwaki’s magnetic drive process pumps, which have earned high acclaim and the trust of users around the world. The new MXM series features an excellent balance of the characteristics required of chemical pumps, including corrosion resistance, durability and safety.
They employ a non-contact, self –radiating bearing structure to better withstand difficult operating conditions. The advent of the MXM series has further expanded the array of choices offered by Iwaki’s process magnetic drive pumps.

Iwaki Magnetic Drive MDM series

MDM Magnetic Drive PumpThe MDM series of Magnetic drive process pumps have wetted parts made from fluororesin. Natural PFA and ETFE being standard materials of construction. The MDM features a unique mechanism which greatley improves performance against dry running(Non contact system). Applications cover a wide range of chemical duties from acid to alkali together with high purity chemicals for the semiconductor industry.

Iwaki Magnetic Drive MDE series

MDE Magnetic Drive PumpThe MDE series comprises of the worlds largest class non metalic magnetic drive pumps for chemical processing, with a maximum delivery of 4000 L/min and a maximum head of over 50 meters. The liquid end parts are made of advanced corrosion resistant materials such as fluororesins and fine ceramics, and the major fluoroplastic parts are reinforced with special metal inserts for added mechanical strength and durability. These pumps have a maximum casing pressure resistance of 1.6MPa and a maximum operating temperature of 120 degrees Centigrade.

Iwaki Magnetic Drive YMD series

YMD Magnetic Drive PumpThe YMD series comprises of stainless steel magnetic pumps that have been jointley developed by Iwaki, a world renowned supplier of fluororesin magnetic drive pumps, and the Belgian company PACKO, known for its high level of technology in the field of stainless steel processing. The YMD series consists of pump models ranging from 1.1kW to 2.2kW. The pumps are finished with electrolytic polishing and can be used on a broad range of transfer applications for chemicals,medicines and fine chemicals, including the transfer of various types of solvents.

Iwaki Magnetic Drive MDW series

The MDW series are the largest class fluoroplastic magnetic drive pumps in the world, offering high efficiency and durability for chemical process applications. Using larger motors for even higher output, the MDW series opens up performance potential in previously un-explorored areas.

Iwaki Metering pump LK series

LK Series Metering PumpThe LK series metering pump consists of the worm gear type due-cam driving section, which is compact yet rigid and reliable. With long and market proven experience,Iwaki has employed state-of-the-art pump technologies in the development of an ideal type of chemical feeding pump which has advantages such as quality,performance,ease of operation and cost efficiency. The LK series is suitable for many chemical liquid feeding processes used in a wide range of fields,including water treatment,chemicals,fabrics,paper mill,food processing and medicine.

Iwaki Bellows pump KB series

KB Series Bellows PumpThe Iwaki bellows pump KB series(KB,KBA,KBR)are chemical feed pumps which feature the simplest structure and low cost. KBA and KBR developed by pursuing compact size and facilities which are used in small flow ranges. The KB series is suitable for various applications such as chemical feeding units,food processing machinery and analytical equipment in addition to quantitative chemical feeding to automatic photo development machines.

Iwaki Magnetic Drive Gear Pumps MDG Series

MDG Series Magnetic Drive Gear PumpThe Iwaki MDG series is a leakage-free sealess magnetically coupled gear pump with wetted parts manufactured from corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel, PPS and PEEK the pump can be used to transfer various types of chemical solutions. The long-life design of this model should exhibit superior durability even when operated on continuous duties. With discharge capacities up to 14 L/min and maximum discharge pressures of 0.6MPa the pump is suitable to be incorporated into a wide variety of equipment.